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On 28 October 2015, a migrant boat left the coast of Western Turkey heading to the closest European coast—the Greek island of Lesvos. The sea was rough, and the boat was old and overcrowded with more than 300 passengers. It sank 280m beyond the maritime border into Greece, in EU territorial waters, resulting in the death of at least 43 people. It was the deadliest incident in a period known as the ‘long summer of migration’, when over a million refugees and migrants attempted to reach EU shores by sea.


Thereisalmostnotaninterval. For a very looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time everybody refuses and then almost without a pause.................. almost everybody accepts. In the history of the refused in the arts and literature the rapidity-of-the-change is always startling. Now the only difficulty with the volte-face concerning the arts is this. When the acceptance comes, by that acceptance the thing created becomes a ♪classic♪. It is a natural phenomena a rather extraordinary natural phenomena that a thing accepted becomes a ♪classic♪. And what is the characteristic quality of a ♪classic♪. The characteristic quality of a ♪classic♪ is that it is beautiful. Now of course it is perfectly true that a more or less first rate work of art is beautiful but the trouble is that when that first rate work of art becomes a ♪classic♪ because it is accepted the only thing that is important from then on to the majority of the acceptors the enormous majority, the most intelligent majority of the acceptors is that it is so wonderfully beautiful. Of course it is wonderfully beautiful, only when it is still a thing IRRITATING ANNOYING STIMULATING then all quality of beauty is denied to it.

To be found, I must have been lost. To be healed, I must have been broken. To know love, I must know hate. Nobody understood why we were all here. Until, He came. He came as His son, one of His children. He showed us how to please Him. We sacrificed others for the sake of self. Burnt offerings. We still don't get it. The story, the life, the example. For He died for us, so we should die for another. To show the true meaning of love. Love is not an expectation. An expectation is an expectation. He died, so we expect to be saved? Turn from our ways, and forgive ourselves. It is not ourselves we have wronged. It was another. Was I angry at another? Or was I protecting the shame and guilt I felt by not pleasing my creator? Honor comes from inner. For if I did not react, I would know I have pleased my creator. Instead, I pleased myself. Do unto others, as I would have done unto myself. For when I do unto others, I do unto myself. I just don't realize it. Revelation is my end, not everyone else's. Genesis is my beginning. Eden is my heaven. And Jesus is my guide. What is last is first. To love other's before self, Is to find self through others. I am called to nail myself to the cross. Sacrifice myself. It is the way, the truth and the light. As was my example to follow. Not just to be a fan of.

“Welcome to [COMPANY] customer service. My name is [AGENT NAME]. How can I help you today?” “Good morning/ afternoon! You’re through to [COMPANY]. My name is [AGENT NAME]. How may I help you today?” “Good afternoon. You’re speaking to [AGENT NAME]. How may I help you?” “Hello, and thank you for calling [COMPANY]. My name is [AGENT NAME]. I’d like to let you know that this call may be recorded for quality and training purposes. How may I help you today?” “Good afternoon! You are through to [COMPANY] customer service, [AGENT NAME] speaking. Can you please tell me your name so it would be comfortable for us to speak?” “Thank you for calling [COMPANY], [AGENT NAME] speaking. How may I direct your call?”

Infinity is that which is boundless, endless, or larger than any natural number. It is often denoted by the infinity symbol . Since the time of the ancient Greeks, the philosophical nature of infinity was the subject of many discussions among philosophers. In the 17th century, with the introduction of the infinity symbol[1]and the infinitesimal calculus, mathematicians began to work with infinite series and what some mathematicians (including l'Hôpital and Bernoulli)[2] regarded as infinitely small quantities, but infinity continued to be associated with endless processes. As mathematicians struggled with the foundation of calculus, it remained unclear whether infinity could be considered as a number or magnitude and, if so, how this could be done.[1] At the end of the 19th century, Georg Cantorenlarged the mathematical study of infinity by studying infinite sets and infinite numbers, showing that they can be of various sizes.[1][3] For example, if a line is viewed as the set of all of its points, their infinite number (i.e., the cardinality of the line) is larger than the number of integers.[4] In this usage, infinity is a mathematical concept, and infinite mathematical objects can be studied, manipulated, and used just like any other mathematical object. Just how much my work is known to you I do not know. I feel that perhaps it would be just as well to tell the whole of it. In beginning writing I wrote a book called Three Lives this was written in 1905. 1 wrote a negro story called Melanctha. In that there was a constant recurring and beginning there was a marked direction in the direction of being in the present although naturally I had been accustomed to past present and future, and why, because the composition forming around me was a prolonged present. A composition of a prolonged present is a natural composition in the world as it has been these thirty years it was more and more a prolonged present. I created then a prolonged present naturally I knew nothing of a continuous present but it came naturally to me to make one, it was simple it was clear to me and nobody knew why it was done like that I did not myself although naturally to me it was natural.

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In this natural way of creating it then that it was simply different everything being alike it was simply different, this kept on leading one to lists. Lists naturally for a while and by lists I mean a series. More and more in going back over what was done at this time I find that I naturally kept simply different as an intention. Whether there was or whether there was not a continuous present did not then any longer trouble me there was or there was not, and using everything no longer troubled me if everything is alike using everything could no longer trouble me and beginning again and again could no longer trouble me because if lists were inevitable if series were inevitable and the whole of it was inevitable beginning again and again could not trouble me so then with nothing to trouble me I very completely began naturally since everything is alike making it as simply different naturally as simply different as possible. I began doing natural phenomena what I call natural phenomena and natural phenomena naturally everything being alike natural phenomena are making things be naturally simply different. This found Its culmination later, in the beginning it began in a center confused with lists with series with geography with returning portraits and with particularly often four and three and often with five and four. It is easy to see that in the beginning such a conception as everything being naturally different would be very inarticulate and very slowly it began to emerge and take form of anything, and then naturally if anything that is simply different is simply different what follows will follow. So far then the progress of my conceptions was the natural progress entirely in accordance with my epoch as I am sure is to be quite easily realised if you think over the scene that was before us all from year to year. As I said in the beginning, there is the long history of how every one ever acted or has felt and that nothing inside in them in all of them makes it connectedly different. By this I mean all this. The only thing that is different from one time to another is what is seen and what is seen depends upon how everybody is doing everything.

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Red - Frequency (THz)400-484, Wavelength (nm) - 620-750 Orange - Frequency (THz)484-508, Wavelength (nm) - 590-620 Yellow - Frequency (THz)508-526, Wavelength (nm) - 570-590 Green - Frequency (THz)526-606, Wavelength (nm) - 495-570 Blue- Frequency (THz)606-668, Wavelength (nm) - 450-495 Violet668- Frequency (THz)789, Wavelength (nm) - 380-450

Whether you’re looking to spend time with friends and family or catch dinner, fishing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. The waters have a variety of vibrant fish for you to reel in. To begin fishing, plan your trip well. Gather your gear and select a good spot in the hours when the fish are most active. Then, cast and reel in your line to bring in your trophy prize. You can then release the fish back into the water if you wish or catch it to keep and bring home. Go to a well-stocked lake, river, or pond in your area. Pick a place you won’t mind staying at for several hours. All sorts of different fish live in public lakes, rivers, and ponds, so you can always find something good to catch. The fish come close to the shore in the spring and autumn as they prepare for winter. In the summer, they tend to be in deeper waters, so take a boat out from the shore.[1] Secluded spots around ponds or levees outside of town are good bets. Make sure you’re not crossing private property or fishing in a place that doesn’t allow it. Also, be careful not to trample plants along the shore. If you live on the coast, consider ocean fishing. If you get a separate ocean fishing license and rods and bait for the specific fish you want to catch, it’s the same as freshwater fishing.